Writing your CV

So you have your own business (congrats!), And I bet you think gone are the days that you need a CV. Wrong. I thought the same when I launched SmartStone Port Elizabeth in 1995, but over the years I have used my resume for many purposes.

For example, I have needed an up to date CV for:
– Prospective clients who want to see my backgroundBusiness proposals
– The basis for my executive biography which is needed for websites, award entries, speaking engagements and marketing collateral
– Banks ask for resumes for each business owner when asking for a loan
– Your CV is the foundation of all your social media profile content to establish your personal and company brand
– Supplementing income with contract work. And, it’s these initial contracts that often lead you to your first clients

So, what to include?
Just like meeting face-to-face, first impressions are lasting impressions. And your CV needs to make the right first impression. You should include:
– Experiences that demonstrate why you are an expert in your field and where you have successfully worked with clients
– Your ethics and values, how you operate and companies/professionals you associate with
– Plans for your business and any studies you are preparing for
– Your training and education

It is, in essence, a personal marketing document promoting your brand and that of your company. So do not groan that you still need a resume. Rejoice in the fact you now get to have a brag book your fabulous experiences and achievement

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