Between juggling her businesses and being a wife, mother and grandmother, Mimi is passionate about giving back through charities that are close to her heart such as empowering women and supporting our youth. As part of her work with the Khayalethu Youth Centre in Port Elizabeth, which offers intervention programmes and alternative care for street children.

Many children find themselves homeless due to physical and mental abuse and or from parents passing. And it’s the work of Khayalethu and Oliver House who work to meet their basic needs through a holistic and developmental approach, with the ultimate aim of re-socialisation and family reunification.

Mimi explains the role of re-socialisation saying: “Children often live on the streets for years before they come to Khayalethu, and on the streets there are no rules or discipline. At Khayalethu, they have to teach them what is acceptable and not acceptable in society so that when they leave Khayalethu they will be able to adapt to society’s rules.”

It’s important to note that Khayalethu is the children’s second home, they need to visit a family member on a regular basis. “Family is vital to development and society. A social worker typically goes with the child to assess the situation.” Adds Mimi. “Food parcels are sent when they visit their family on long holidays because more often than not they have other family members to take care of and can’t afford another mouth to feed.” Family relationships for children under Khayalethu’s care are also important because once they leave Khayalethu, they need to go to a familiar home.

Specifically working with boys aged eight to 18, Khayalethu relies on donations and sponsorships to continue its work and create young men who are valuable citizens.

Mimi Rupp supports Port Elizabeth based charity Khayaletu in Nelson Mandela BayMimi Rupp supports Port Elizabeth based charity Khayaletu in Nelson Mandela Bay


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