Working with young adults, emerging entrepreneurs and those operating family businesses, Mimi advises and guides them through entrepreneurship, as well as personal counselling when required.

With a creative, and diverse approach to problem solving, unconditioned to the 'norm', with an objective view on situations, Mimi’s experience and expertise crosses industries and borders.

What some of Mimi's mentee's have to say...

"As an entrepreneur with big dreams, huge ambition and a growing business, I desperately needed direction as to which steps to take next. At this crucial point, I met Mimi whom became my business coach and mentor in life skills. As my confidence grew, so did my company and me as a person. I am astonished at the heights I have reached and the goals I have achieved through the wisdom she has instilled in me, often leaving me challenged with food for thought. Patiently she sat with me debunking corporate dilemmas with creative solutions. One of the philosophies I live by is that “the proof is in the pudding”. Mimi's role in business is showcased through her accomplishments and the results are manifesting in my own life. Today I know what I want and I know how to get it. I will forever be grateful for the role Mimi played in moulding me."

Melvin Iverson, Eikon Investments

"I have been mentored by Mimi Rupp for the past 3 years, and how my life has changed over those years. Mimi is such an inspirational woman, she has great passion in teaching, listening and giving excellent advice.

I have started with my mentorship program with Mimi when I was a top three Finalist

in the Business Woman of the Year Award. At that time, I was the Managing Director of a promotions and events company that I started, and I am now owning my second business at the age of 27. All my success is due to Mimi.

Mimi motivates and mentors me in a way that I am addicted to be surrounded by her positive outlook on life. Mimi always has an answer for everything, she has a way in responding to questions that will make you re-look at your idea and take you back to the drawing board.

It has been such a journey working with Mimi, my outlook on life has changed significantly, I am now high on life and I only adopt positive thoughts into my life I am so grateful to be mentored by such an inspiring business woman, being mentored by Mimi Rupp, was the best thing that could ever happen to me."

Erna Basson, Creator & Owner, Majestic Weddings

"Mimi has always been willing to share her skills, knowledge and expertise which has made her an remarkable mentor. She has never failed to keep me motivated through her own actions, walking the the talk and always demonstrating a positive attitude. Mimi has a broad vision with focus on important details. She has played a vital role in guiding and giving me constant feedback with business decisions and personal goals. The most valuable quality Mimi possesses is taking a personal interest in our relationship through being compassionate and having excellent communication skills."

Peter Myburg, Port Elizabeth Ambassador 2013/14,
entrepreneur, TV presenter



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Mimi Rupp is a business worman and founder of Stone Etc. in Port Elizabeth

Mimi - About hER

As a wife, mother, grandmother, and serial
entrepreneur, she believes that parenthood and
business can exist side by side, without sacrificing
the quality of each other.

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mimi rupp offers mentorship to young entreppreneurs in port elizabeth

The Mentor

Working with young adults, emerging entrepreneurs
and those operating family businesses, Mimi advises
and guides them through entrepreneurship, as well
as personal counselling when required.

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23 Villiers Road, Walmer, Port Elizabeth

Ph. +27 (0) 41 581 0658

e. mimi@stoneetc.co.za